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If You Become a Victim of Domestic Violence...

Make sure that you are safe from another beating! If your abuser has left and you are in fear of them returning, you should leave or call the sheriff, insist that a report be taken. DO NOT CLEAN YOURSELF OR THE HOUSE! Let the sheriff see what has been done.

If you think that your attacker is still in the house and you think that they may batter you again, you should either call the sheriff or leave as soon as possible. It may take a lot of courage, but it may save you from a future filled with repeated violence or death. Go to a neighbor's house or call a friend or relative to come and pick you up. Or call 9-1-1! Whenever you believe that you are in danger, leave your home and take your children! Even if you have to leave your house in the middle of the night in your night clothes, it is better than possibly submitting yourself to another beating. You may be embarrassed, but you will have a better chance of being safe and unharmed. If you cannot leave the house, call the sheriff or dial 9-1-1.


ALWAYS get medial attention after a beating! Don't try to patch yourself up, you may be injured much more seriously than you realize. As soon as possible, see your private doctor or go to the emergency room of a local hospital.


At least for the short-term future, you must decide what action to take. Your primary consideration must be your own protection and that of your children. Ask yourself if you want to stay in the present situation. Even if this was the first time that you have been beaten and you were not seriously injured... YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE EVEN THE FIRST ABUSE LIGHTLY!
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