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Who is the Victim?

There is no typical profile of domestic violence victims other than that they are usually female. Young, old, black, white, single, married, professional, unemployed, rich, poor...all may be potential victims of domestic violence. Children are also victims-even if they are not physically abused themselves. When children witness violence between their parents, they may learn violence as a way of life and later become involved in abusive relationships. In addition, violence in the home causes emotional suffering and many, many corresponding problems.

Who is the Abuser

Similarly, there is no profile of domestic abusers, other than that they are usually male. Like the victim, they may come from any walk of life. To outsiders, they may appear to be a good provider, a warm & loving parent, and a law abiding citizen. Never the less, they frequently have a low opinion of themselves. They may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the abuse, and later claim; "I was drunk." or "I didn't know what I was doing." or "It just happened." They may in fact, believe that the abuse was justified. In any case...the assaults will continue.

The Decision to Get Help

The breaking point is different for every individual, but the day usually comes when a victim decides that they can no longer take the physical, and/or emotional abuse. It may be after the first time they are may be after the fiftieth time they are abused.
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