PLEASE NOTE: Anger Management/Parenting, Victim Impact classes, Peer Support, When We Hurt Others will continue through the Holidays. Youth Life and Couples Count will break through the holidays and resume the week of January 4th.

All classes are free and available to the public.

12 – Week Certificated class to assist with parenting techniques, the effects of anger and how to manage anger for both parent and child.

Certificate upon completion of 12 week course. Infomation on how domestic violence has an impact on yourself and others. Information to understand the cycle of abuse. And information on signs to look for in healthy and unhealthy relationships when dating.

Clase en español, aborda la violencia doméstica para que los participantes puedan desarrollar herramientas valiosas que les ayuden a tomar mejores decisiones en la vida. Certificado al finalizar  clases continuas de 12 semanas. 760-955-8010 llame a la oficina para obtener información

Peer Support

The peer support classes are for victims of domestic violence. Call for days and times.

This is a 10-week course for couples that are seeking new ways to interact. New ways to resolve conflict. Different strategies to communicate.

(You Only Understand The Hate – Learn Instead From Each Other) For ages 12 – 18. This is a class where youth peers can discuss the issues they face, discuss teen dating issues, and a safe place to discuss topics most adults don’t know how to address.

A class for individuals who have resorted to coercive behaviors in a relationship but are ready for a positive change in relationships with others. Taking accountability for one’s actions and change unhealthy behaviors. This class will be taught in a trauma informed, non-judgmental, caring environment. Certificate upon completion of the 12 weeks program. This class is NOT a 52-week program.